WWE Wrestlemania 32 Rumors, Results, Matches, Winners

WWE Wrestlemania 32 Rumors, Results, Matches, Winners:- One week is away when we all will be witnessing Mania at Texas on April 3. The venue is AT&T stadium and nine matches will be taking place in total. In my article today you all will be getting a detailed description about all the matches and will also coming around the exciting facts and daily updates. This edition of Wrestlemania could easily break the record of 93,173 which was set at Wrestlemania III at Ponatic Silverdome in Ponatic at Michigan. Rock will be there at Mania but what will be his role that is still a mystery. It will also be impossible to see Mania without Stone Cold and Shawn Micheals. So do read my article at Wrestlemania 32 Results, Spoilers.

Wrestlemania 32 Spoilers, Results, Matches

The first match that will be taking place will be Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal 3 and it will be a 20 men battle royal and we might see Rock entering this Battle Royal and emerge victorious in that. Coming on to second match it will be a tag team match which will be featuring Dudley Boys taking on USOs and the winner as usual will be Dudley Boys because they are the most experienced tag team. Third match will be the singles match for the United States Championship and it will be between Kalisto and Ryback. Once again Ryback will be having a biggest failure as WWE will be making him a loser and Kalisto will be retaining his championship at WWE Wrestlemania 32 Results. Fourth match will be the triple threat match for divas championship and it will be between Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks and the predictions are that we might see a new divas winning the title because it has been a long time we have seen Ric Flair daughter as champion.

Wrestlemania 32 Results

Fifth match will be again a 4 on 3 tag team match and in this match New Day will be taking on League of Nations in a tag team supremacy match. This match will be won by New Day as they will be beating all odds and will be emerging as victorious. Coming on to the sixth match which will be a 7 man ladder match for the Intercontinental championship. The 7 wrestlers who are fighting are Sami Zyan, Ziggler, Zack Ryder, Sin Cara, Miz, Stardust and the champion Kevin Owens. KO Mania will win and retain his title at WrestleMania 32 Results, Spoilers, Winners. The remaining two matches I will be discussing in the next article. So do read and keep on sharing my articles on social networking websites.

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