WWE Wrestlemania 32 Match Card, Start Time, Results

WWE Wrestlemania 32 Match Card, Start Time, Results Finally the countdown has begun for Mania 32 and as you all know that many matches have been added to the event and most of the matches are great with full power packed performance. There are championship matches, tag team matches, ladder matches and matches with some stipulation and some matches contain some great and legendary wrestlers such as Brock Lesnar, Dudley Boys and many more. So do watch this event and you all will also be reading my article today on WWE Wrestlemania 32 Results. Do watch them and love all of them a lot.

WWE Wrestlemania 32 Results, Winners, Spoilers

There has been a lot of buzz going on in the match between Shane O Mac and the dead man, legendary Undertaker. These two will be squaring at Hell in a Cell. There are many things that they will have to go through and the victory is imp for both of them because for Undertaker his carrier is on line and for Shane O Mac his livelihood, his family is on line and if he wins he gets the control of Raw. The predictions are that Shane will win somehow because Undertaker will turn on Vince McMahon and help Shane to win because dead man is not a puppet of anyone and what he does in only for sake of good so he might help Shane to win and sacrifice himself at WWE Wrestlemania 32 Results. Second thing could be that he beats hell of out of Shane and wins at Mania and go to next Mania and fight against John Cena and then retire. WWE will be thinking over this match a lot because they have to make this match iconic.

WWE Wrestlemania 32 Match Card, Results, Winners, Spoilers

Coming on to one more thing and that is WWE is missing the presence off their old wrestlers such as John Cena and Randy Orton. They both have been out of wrestling for a long period and without them Mania 32 is nothing. Authority is working hard to make Wrestle Mania 32 a grand one without these great wrestlers. Hope this works out and proves to be the best one. Rock is also said to return at Mania and be in a match and that is in Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal 3 and it is predicted that he will win. So do watch WWE Wrestlemania 32 Predictions, Winners, Results. Bye friends. Keep on sharing my articles on social networking sites.

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