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WWE Wrestlemania 32 Images, Wallpapers, Predictions:- Hello everybody and welcome once again to my article on the upcoming paper view of Wrestling and the name of the event is Wrestle Mania 32 which takes place every year on 3rd April at Texas, New York. Today in my article you all will getting a detailed description about what all matches and what all are the predictions of these matches. All of them will be explained below. Do read my article on WWE Wrestlemania 32 Results and below I will be putting some images and telling you about the wrestlers that are retiring after WWE.

Wrestlemania 32

WWE Wrestlemania 32 Predicted Returns

There are some wrestlers whom me might not see after Wrestle Mania 32. Coming on to the first wrestler and her name is Brie Bella. She has confirmed that she will be retiring after this event because her husband has recently taken retirement and also Brie is having a baby. So it will be tough for Brie to play further matches and carry on with his carrier further. Coming on to the second wrestler Wade Barrett. His last match is confirmed at Mania and he will be fighting in a tag team match with his League Of Nations partners. Their opponent has not been decided at WWE Wrestlemania 32 Match Card. But they might be Social Outcasts or New Day.

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WWE Wrestlemania 32 Results, Spoilers, Matches, Predictions

There will be no tag team championship match that is confirmed because WWE right now has no tag team which can give fight to the New Day or match the strength of this team. WWE is also planning to bring back Hardy Boys at Mania 32 so that they can come and straight way go for the title and beat the hell out of New Day. That will be really fun to watch. There are some Wrestlers Excepted To Leave WWE After WrestleMania 32 and I have already you about the two wrestlers who will be leaving. Coming on to third wrestler and he is Mark Henry. From past 2 years Mark has been in and out of WWE and has appeared very less in matches and he is the first wrestler to come from black community and win championship. So it is a big achievement for him and for his carrier. Coming on to Fourth Wrestler that is predicted to retire and he is Shane O McMahon will never be seen again because he has been put into the match against the dead man and it is a very uphill task to beat Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 Results, Matches, Spoilers. So bye friends. Stay fit and healthy. Enjoy life.

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