WWE Wrestlemaina 32 Matches, Predictions, Spoilers

WWE Wrestlemaina 32 Matches, Predictions, Spoilers The Road to Wrestle Mania has begun already and many new things took place at Raw this Monday. We all saw return of Shane O McMahon who is son of Vince McMahon and brother of Stephanie McMahon and he will be in action against Undertaker at Hell in a Cell at Mania. If he wins he gets the full control of WWE and no one will interfere in his working. This will be the main event of WWE Wrestlemaina 32 Matches. WWE is missing the services of various legendary wrestlers such as John Cena, Randy Orton and many more and it has been a long time they have been out due to injury.

Wrestlemania 32

Wrestlemaina 32 Matches, Predictions, Spoilers

Till now only two matches have been booked for maina. The first match booked will be between two great wrestlers and they are Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose. The match between both of them has been set and it would be a No Holds Barred Street Fight Match. Wow that is a nice and first time someone has challenged Brock Lesnar to this sort of match and it will be interesting to see who wins and comes out to be WWE Wrestlemaina 32 Results. Wrestle mania is the grand paper view it is just like world cup and every single wrestler has a dream to main event maina and emerge as victorious. Many new wrestlers have entered WWE in past two years and they have done a lot to prove themselves and emerge as victorious in many big matches which they have faced in their life.

Wrestle Mania

Wrestlemaina 32 Spoilers,Matches, Predictions

The second match that has already been booked is between two great wrestlers. One is called as the dead man, phenom of WWE and every single wrestler fears from him and his name is legendary Undertaker and his opponent is the son of chairman of WWE and his name is Shane O McMahon. He returned to WWE after seven long years and straight way he is given a uphill task to do at WWE Wrestlemaina 32 Spoilers and that is face Undertaker at Wrestle Mania inside Hell in a Cell. Hell in a Cell is Undertaker favorite area and he has torn apart many wrestlers in Hell in a Cell and it is confirmed that Shane O McMahon will be torn apart at WWE Wrestlemaina 32 Matches. So do watch all these matches and write down the comments and share it on social networking sites.

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