WWE Thursday Night Smackdown 7th April 2016 Results, Winners

WWE Thursday Night Smackdown 7th April 2016 Results, Winners:- Finally Wrestle Mania has come to an end and all of you I know were excited to watch this event as some of the exciting matches took place and all if them were interesting and fun to watch. Yesterday Raw took place at we saw the new champions crowned and fallouts were shown of the matches that have taken at Mania. But tomorrow at WWE Smackdown 7th April 2016 Results, Winners we will be seeing some more fights and continuation of rivalry and the new one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

WWE Thursday Night Smackdown 7th April 2016 Spoilers, Matches

Today will be the continuation of fights that took place at Raw three days before. We saw that Vince finally giving a chance to his son to control Monday Night Raw and he might be given a chance to also run Smack Down. Secondly we also saw titles change hands as Zack Ryder was defeated by Miz for the Intercontinental title with the help of his wife Maryse who attacked and slapped the father of Zack and then helped Miz winning the title when he gave a skull crushing finale to him and then pinned him for  three count. Today Miz will be in action in a non title match and he will be winning it. Thirdly we will be seeing the recent winner of Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Braun Cobrin in action against Ziggler and this time he will win because at Raw the match was finished as no count. WWE Smackdown 7th April 2016 Results, Spoilers will be featured for 2 hours as usual on Ten 1 and Ten 2. Roman Reigns will b seeing in action against Cesaro because he made his return to WWE at Raw yesterday and everyone was shocked to see him back to WWE. He will be in action against Roman in a singles non title match. This match as usual will be won by the champion because WWE cannot afford right now to make Roman lose any match and they have to think what is best for business.

Smackdown 7th April 2016 Spoilers, Matches, Results, Images, Wallpapers

Apart from all this action we will be also seeing League of Nations in a fight with Wyatt Family because they were attacked by them and also know League of Nations contain just three members and they recently threw out Wade Barrett from their team as they thought that he was a weakling. So it will be fun to watch WWE Thursday Night Smackdown 7th April 2016 Spoilers, Matches, Results. So friends keep on sharing my articles further and do like my page on Face book and write down the comments in the box given below.

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WWE Thursday Night Smackdown 7th April 2016 Results

WWE Smackdown 7th April 2016 Results

WWE Smack Down Results

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