WWE Smack Down 28th April 2016 Results, Matches

WWE Smack Down 28th April 2016 Results, Matches Finally the last Smack down is set to take place before Payback. Today I am going to tell you about some interesting statistics of Thursday Night Smack down which will put you all in a shock. It is a professional wrestling television program which is created by Vince McMahon owner of World Wrestling Federation. But the popularity of this event is coming to to a downfall as Smack Down averaged a 1.77 rating with 2.48 million viewers in February 2016, down 3.3% from the 1.83 rating and down 1.6% from the 2.52 million viewers in February 2015. There has been a major fall in number of viewers from past one year. So do watch WWE Smackdown 28th April 2016 Results and do keep yourself busy with all the matches that will be taking place.

WWE Smack Down 28th April 2016 Results, Winners, Spoilers

The main reason for downfall can be the WWE focusing more on the upcoming generation and they are making old generation as puppets who are easily beaten down by the juniors. Secondly the hardcore matches have come to an end totally. There has been a reduction in matches with stipulation such as steel cage fights, Hell in a Cell fights, Ladder Matches. All these things have reduced drastically thus leading to fall in the viewer ship. The titles are also not changing hands frequently like New Day they are already champions from past 6 months and WWE are not finding any team who can beat them and capture the title from them either on Monday Night Raw or on WWE Smackdown 28th April 2016 Results. On Smackdown we will be looking at the fallouts from Monday Night Raw. The main focus will be on Shane O McMahon who insulted her sister as she was thrown out of the ring by security guards and was also humiliated. So do watch the full coverage of this particular moment.

WWE Thursday Night Smackdown 28th April 2016 Results, Spoilers, Matches

One more announcement will be made by Shane that chairman of WWE will be coming at Payback and they will be deciding that weather authority or Shane O McMahon will be running the show after Payback. The Payback this time has been decided by Shane and weather it will be a huge success or not that totally depends upon the results of the matches that will be held. But a glimpse of all the matches along with detailed match card will be shown to all of you on WWE Thursday Night Smackdown 28th April 2016 Results. The main event once again will be closed by the 4 wrestlers Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho and Sami Zyan starring each other. So do watch this event and keep on sharing my articles further on social networking websites.

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WWE Smackdown Results

WWE Smack Down Results 

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