WWE Roadblock Triple H vs Dean Ambrose Match Result, Winner

WWE Roadblock Triple H vs Dean Ambrose Match Result, Winner Finally the most awaited event before Wrestle Mania 32 will be hitting the television screens tonight. Many of you I know are waiting for the most awaited match and that will be between two great legends of WWE and one of them is the lunatic french of WWE and his name is Dean Ambrose and his opponent is the game Triple H who has beaten almost every wrestler in WWE and now he is the boss and it is also predicted that Triple H will be emerging as victorious and will beat the hell out of Dean Ambrose and then going on to Mania 32 as the champion. All these things will be taking place at WWE Roadblock 2016 Highlights, Results. Some matches have been added do look at them too.

WWE Roadblock 2016 Results, Winnes, Full Highlights

The matches that have been added are Chris Jericho taking on all American American Jack Swagger in a singles match and the winner of the match as a result of submission is Y2J Chris Jericho. He easily won the match and left a signal for AJ styles for a final fight at Wrestle Mania 32. Next match that has been added is Stardust taking on the high flyer Sami Zyan. The winner of the match is the former NXT champion Sami Zyan. All these matches you will be witnessing at WWE Roadblock 2016 Results, Matches, Spoilers. There is one more change in the match at Roadblock that I will be telling you below.

WWE Roadblock 2016 Highlights, Winners

The match between Bray Wyatt and Brock Lesnar has been changed to Brock Lesnar taking on Luke Harper. This was a simple match for Brock as he just has to beat the hell out of him and he did this. Firstly by giving him a suplex city, then delivering his punches and finally ending with a F5 and winning the match easily. The main event was as discussed between Triple H and the lunatic French Dean Ambrose in a singles match. Triple H retained his title by defeating Dean Ambrose in a good match. The match was 25 minute long and both wrestlers beat hell out of each other. So do have a look on my article on WWE Roadblock 2016 Triple H vs Dean Ambrose Match Result, Winner. Bye friends and keep on sharing my articles on social networking websites.

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Roadblock Results, Winners, Highlights

WWE Roadblock Results, Winners, Highlights

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