WWE Roadblock 2016 Matches, Results, Predictions

WWE Roadblock 2016 Matches, Results, Predictions A major WWE event will be taking place and that is Road Block. It is a bigger paper view before Wrestle Mania 32 and some big matches have been booked that will be taking place at this event. One of them is Brock Lesnar Vs Bray Wyatt, Triple H vs Dean Ambrose for WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Till now only two matches have been decided but these two matches will be a great fun to watch because finally a rivalry will be coming to an end between Dean and Triple H and they both will be beating hell out of each other at WWE Roadblock 2016 Matches, Results. The predictions of matches will be discussed in detail below, So do read my article as you will b loving it a lot.

WWE Roadblock Brock Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt Match Result, Winner, Spoilers

This match would be the main event of this epic show and everyone will be in full excitement to watch Brock Lesnar in action after a long time and he will be taking Bray Wyatt to suplex city and then pinning him and emerge as a winner. But this will not happen. More chances are that we might see a disqualification in this match which will make Brock Lesnar as the winner. The Wyatt Family will be attacking Brock from behind and then delivering him a cheap shot, Brock will try to recover and beat the hell out of everybody at WWE Roadblock 2016 Results. He might get some help from Lunatic French Brock Lesnar but the most predictions are that he won’t be getting any help and in return will be beaten down badly. Let’s see what happens at Saturday night.

WWE Roadblock 2016 Winners, Spoilers, Images, Wallpapers

One more match has been added to the frame and that is New Day taking on League Of Nations which include Sheamus and Wade Barrett. This is just a waste match as once again New Day will be winning the match entering Wrestle Mania 32 as the champions. Fans also want to see Sami Zyan and Kevin Owens in action because these two have a heated rivalry against each other and making them fight will be good for business. So lets see what happens at this paper view. So all of you do have a look on my article on WWE Roadblock 2016 Results, Winners, Spoilers. The predictions are that Roman Reigns will also be appearing in the match between Dean Ambrose and Triple H. So friends I hope all of you have enjoyed and loved my article on WWE Roadblock 2016 Results. Till then stay fit and healthy. Bye. Keep on sharing my articles on social networking websites.


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