WWE Raw 18th Raw 2016 Matches, Results, Spoilers

WWE Raw 18th Raw 2016 Matches, Results, Spoilers:- As already discussed by me in previous article regarding the upcoming Raw tomorrow. There will be a lot many matches taking place and all of them will be huge and fun to watch. Tomorrow’s Raw will be live from New York and will also be seen on WWE network with many new things and new rivalries. After Mania 32 there have been increase in rivalries between two wrestlers Sami Zyan and Kevin Owens and at Payback 2016 they will finally get a chance to taste each other’s blood. Tomorrow’s WWE Raw 18th Raw 2016 Results will be a glimpse of all these things and they all will be discussed in a detail.

WWE Raw 18th Raw 2016 Results, Spoilers, Winners

We will be seeing the continuation of tag team tournament matches and it will be the second round of that and there is one burning question and that is weather Enzo and Cass will be able to defeat Dudley Boys or the old legends will rise to the occasion and prove everyone out there that they are best in the world. One more thing guys there has been a new tag team who was recently seen and they call themselves as invaders of Japan and there name are Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows called as Bullet Club. They appeared on Raw last week and beat the hell out of USOs. So everyone is deciding who will be there next victims weather they will be Dudley Boys or some other tag teams. These all these will be founded out at WWE Raw 18th Raw 2016 Results. Do watch the tag team tournament as this time there is a possibility of a new tag team being crowned.

WWE Raw 18th Raw 2016 Spoilers, Images, Wallpapers

A couple of exciting things will be taking place and especially I am very happy about a new rivalry just formed between Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho and it would be nice to see a good fighting match between both of them and it will be best for business as making them fight will improve the performance of both of them and it will be a high point in career of Dean if he defeats Jericho and emerge as winner at Payback 2016. So do watch these two in action against different opponents at WWE Raw 18th Raw 2016 Results and do write down all the comments on the box below and share it on social networking websites.

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