WWE Raw 18th April 2016 Results, Winners, Spoilers

WWE Raw 18th April 2016 Results, Winners, Spoilers:- Hello Friends. Finally this time Raw will be seen in London and it is predicted that it will be a big Raw full of matches and entertainment. It will be focusing more on the top rivalries going on especially between four main superstars and they are Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho, Sami Zyan and Kevin Owens. These four will be focused more on Raw tonight and they will be doing anything to come on top and emerge as victorious once again. So do watch WWE Raw 18th April 2016 Results and enjoy all the entertainment both on your television sets or on WWE network.

WWE Raw 18th April 2016 Results, Spoilers

One more things we all will be seeing the final winner of the WWE tag team title tournaments. Most of them have predicted that USOs will be winning the tournament and they will be able to defeat New Day at WWE Payback and win the title for the 3rd time. They don’t deserve to be a champion as some new tag team should come and emerge as winner. They can be the Golden truth or a new tag team can be formed such as Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho as they both are best friends and knows each other well. These two will be in a tag team action at WWE Raw 18th April 2016 Results against Sami Zyan and Dean Ambrose. These two will be winning and increasing their bond.

WWE Raw Results, Winners, Spoilers

One more thing that audience want to know that weather we will be seeing the return of authority or once again Shane O Mc Mahon will be running the show and showing his skills that he has got. UK is a home ground of one wrestler and he is Wade Barrett. We will see him returning and turn as a baby face and attack his own team members and defeating them in a match. He will do so because last week on Raw he was thrown out by his team members. He will be back at WWE Raw 18th April 2016 Results to take revenge. Bullet club will also be seen beating hell out of other teams. So do watch this episode and keep on sharing my article further.

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WWE Raw 18th April 2016 Results

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