WWE Raw 11th September 2017 Results| John Cena vs Braun Strowman

September 11, 2017, Edition of RAW is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE’s RAW brand, which will take place on September 11, 2017, at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. Today, former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, David Arquette turns 46 years old. Also today, former WWE Hardcore Champion, Raven, turns 53.

WWE Raw 11th September 2017 Results, Spoilers

Brock Lesnar is expected back on RAW tonight and he will be calling out the beast Braun Strowman out as Strowman not only beat Big Show in a steel cage match, he threw the 7ft veteran through the structure at the end. Lesnar is used to being the most feared man in WWE, something he’ll need to reassert ahead of their Universal Championship clash at No Mercy. I think WWE is planning to keep a stipulation for Braun vs Brock match and they might keep a No Holds Barred Contest as these two will definitely tear each other apart at No Mercy. So do watch my article at WWE Raw 11th September 2017 Results.

Apart from the above rivalry, we will be seeing Finn Balor locking away his ‘demon king’ character for the short-term and promised to face Bray Wyatt ‘man-to’man’ at No Mercy. Alexa Bliss confronts her greatest test as a champion at No Mercy, a Fatal Four-path coordinate with her Women’s Championship hanging in the balance. Nia Jax gives off an impression of being the early most loved given her energy leverage over her rivals yet Emma demonstrated a week ago being tricky can be sufficient to get you the stick.

Along with the above rivalries, many more things will be covered at WWE Raw 11th September 2017 Results. Till then stay fit and healthy, enjoy life and do take care of yourselves and your family members.

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