WWE Payback 2016 Results, Matches, Winners, Spoilers

WWE Payback 2016 Results, Matches, Winners, Spoilers:- Finally the paper view has been decided which will be taking place after Mania 32 and that is Payback and it will be taking place on May 1 with around 5-6 matches taking place at this event. Two matches have already been booked at this event. One is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match and second is the Intercontinental championship match. These two championship have been confirmed at this event and this event will be a huge one with full fun and entertainment. So do watch this event whose name is WWE Payback 2016 Results. Do have a deep look on this event and the matches that will be taking place at this paper view.

WWE Payback 1st May 2016 Results, Winners, Spoilers

The first match is the Intercontinental Championship match and it will be between Miz and Cesaro. Miz won the championship last week on Raw when he defeated Zack Ryder with the help of his wife Maryse and became the six time intercontinental champion. The record of most wins that is 9 times is held by Chris Jericho and Miz is just 3 times away to equal the record and make his name in the WWE history. At payback he will be going against Swiss Superman Antonio Cesaro in the championship match and it is predicted that Miz will retain the title due to the interference caused by his wife and at WWE Payback 2016 Results he will be retaining his title. The second match that is booked it will be for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and it will feature Roman Reigns taking on AJ Styles. This will be the main event as it is the most imp match of the this paper view and the predictions are that Roman Reigns will be retaining the title and emerge as victorious.

WWE Payback 1st May 2016 Results, Spoilers

There is a tag team tournament that is taking place at Raw where 8 tag team will be playing and the winner of that tournament will be fighting against New Day for the WWE tag team championship and the championship match will be held at payback 2016. According to wrestling experts match will be between two tag teams New Day taking on the Golden Truth because these two are the only renowned wrestlers in whole arena ans also have experience to fight in every conditions. So at WWE Payback 2016 Results we will see weather experience will be tested or creation. So friends now it is my time to go. Keep on sharing my articles on social networking websites and do write down your comments in the box below.

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WWE Payback 1st May 2016 Results

WWE Payback 1st May 2016 Spoilers


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