WWE Payback 2016 Predictions, Spoilers, Results

WWE Payback 2016 Predictions, Spoilers, Results:- It is a professional wrestling paper view which is produced by WWE and it started three years back on June 16 2013. It has a great main event as it featured John Cena vs Ryback in a 3 stages of Hell match for the WWE championship. This is the fourth instalment and is predicted to be the biggest event of all. The event has been held only in indoor arenas in the United States with championship bouts held on every card. So friends do have a look on my article which is on WWE Payback 2016 Predictions, Spoilers.

WWE Payback 2016 Predictions, Spoilers, Results

Total 8 matches will be taking place but the main focus will be on the main event and that would be Roman Reigns taking on the phenomenal AJ Styles for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It is an opportunity for AJ styles to win the belt and he should put his best foot forward to grab the opportunity and emerge as victorious. But I think WWE want that Roman should retain his title for some more days or till Night of champions. Till then Seth Rollins will be fit to go for the title which he never loss. These two can feud up and Seth again become the champion or the shield gets reunite to win the tag champions. Prediction for this match is that Roman retains the title at WWE Payback 2016 Results. So do watch this main event as it will be huge and immense.

WWE Payback 1st May 2016 Predictions, Spoilers, Results

A new rivalry recently build up on Raw and it was between two great wrestlers and they are Dean Ambrose and the legendary, iconic, best in the world super star Chris Jericho. The rivalry recently started last week on Raw when Dean interrupted Jericho and named Jericho show as Ambrose asylum and then gave him dirty deeds thus setting a match at WWE Payback 2016 Predictions, Spoilers, Results. So do watch this particular match and the event.

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