WWE Payback 1st May 2016 Results, Predictions

WWE Payback 1st May 2016 Results, Predictions:- Finally two days are left when we will be witnessing the first paper view after Mania 32 and that is WWE Payback which will be Chicago a home ground of many legendary wrestlers such as CM Punk and many more. All the titles will be defended at this paper view and guess what all the matches will be huge, bigger and exceptional because these wrestlers can do many insane moves to win the title and entertain us at WWE Payback 2016 Results, Predictions. The most exciting match will be the main event of WWE which always takes place at the end and lays down the foundation of the upcoming matches and rivalries.

WWE Payback 1st May 2016 Results, Predictions, Matches

The main event includes Roman Reigns taking on the phenomenal challenger AJ Styles in a singles match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match and the only way to win the match was by pin fall or submission. There is a lot of buzz going about this match because AJ Styles is the only wrestler in WWE who has got a chance for the title at an early stage of his carrier and if he wins the title he will set a record. Both of these wrestlers are having good moves and are good in physical wrestling. So it will be fun to watch the match. But authority won’t let AJ win, we will also see Fin Balor debut with his partners the Bullet club and attack both AJ Styles and Roman Reigns at Payback 2016 Results. Thus ending the match as a no contest.

Coming on to the kick off match which will be Kalisto and Ryback for the United States Championship. These two already fought each other at Mania but Kalisto came as victorious in that match. Kalisto has been on Raw couple of times but hasn’t done anything noticeable to speak off and coming to the big guy he has been made as non existent in WWE. He had his match against Kalisto at Raw which he won but that was a non title match. It would be weird to see if Kalisto does not retain title at WWE Payback 2016 Results. So the predictions are that Kalisto retains the title once again.

WWE Payback 2016 Results, Spoilers

A newly built storyline by WWE between debuted Baron Cobrin and Dolph Ziggler will be simple and fun to watch. Cobrin officially came to WWE at Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, which he won. At next night on Raw he layed down the show off with his powerful moves and skills and finally he has got a match at Payback against Ziggler. He’s in the ring with someone who can sell well and make him look powerful and with someone that can move quickly around him. This match might surprise some people but WWE does not want that the rookie should loose his first match at WWE Payback 2016 Results. Baron Cobrin wins the match.

The most interesting thing would be who will be controlling Raw from now on. It will be decided by the chairman of WWE Vince McMahon at Payback. Shane returned to WWE three nights before Mania and he was put in a match against Taker at Mania and it was a stipulation that if he wins at Mania he will be the new controller of Raw. But he unfortunately lost, but same night the authority was blown away by Roman Reigns and next night on Raw he was given a chance to prove himself. Till now he has faired well and started giving chances to new generation and set up new story lines. But at WWE Payback 2016 Results it will be decided who takes control. I personally feel that Vince will take control himself.

Prediction:- Vince takes control.

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