WWE Payback 1st May 2016 Matches, Results, Spoilers

WWE Payback 1st May 2016 Matches, Results, Spoilers:- Finally the second event (Smack down) has come to an end. There were many matches that took place and most of them were full of fun and excitement. It was a two hour event and the matches were basically singles match and tag team matches. As I have already told you that a tag team tournament is going on and it features the entire tag teams facing each other and the winner of the tag team tournament will face New Day for the WWE tag team championship at WWE Payback 2016 Results. This is the chance for the tag teams to grab the opportunity coming on their way and emerge as victorious and shine on this grand event.

WWE Payback 1st May 2016 Matches, Results

Total of 7 matches will be taking place starting from lower championship to WWE World Heavyweight championship. The two new rivalries have already begun in WWE one features Ambrose vs Jericho and second features Kevin Owens vs Sami Zyan in a singles match. WWE is pushing Jericho a lot because he is about to leave WWE within upcoming six months and he is the one of the most experience wrestler in the entire roster and his presence in WWE boosts fans and audiences a lot. His contract is coming to an end after 2 months. He might not retire but yes he will be out for a big time. His match at extreme rules might be his last match. But don’t forget to watch his match against the lunatic French Dean Ambrose at WWE Payback 1st May 2016 Results, Winners. It will be a great match and the predictions are that he Dean will be winning this match and their rivalry will be going on till Extreme Rules where Jericho will win and then retire as a true legend.

WWE Payback 1st May 2016 Predictions, Results, Winners

One more depressing this in WWE is that they have finished the importance of United States title. Kalisto is the current United States champion and WWE is not able to find a competitor who will be able to defeat Kalisto for the championship. Kalisto won the championship when he defeated Alberto Del Rio and became the first time United States Champion. Last month at Mania 32 he defeated Feed Me More Guy (Ryback) to retain his title and at WWE Payback 2016 Matches, Results, Spoilers he has no opponent who he can fight with. The main event features AJ Styles taking on Roman Reigns for the championship. So do watch all the matches and read my article and keep on sharing it on social networking platforms.

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WWE Payback 1st May 2016 Results

WWE Payback 1st May 2016 Spoilers

WWE Payback 2016 Results


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