WWE Monday Night Raw 7th March 2016 Result

WWE Monday Night Raw 7th March 2016 Result In today’s article we will be talking about the return of Shane O McMahon in an executive role and an update on injured Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Titus O Neil. Last week on Monday Night Raw we saw return of Undertaker for just 4 minutes and he spoke some hard words about his opponent to the chairman of WWE. Along with it we might see some change in the plans between the main event of Mania and that will be between Triple H and Roman Reigns. Apart from this we will be seeing many more things on WWE Raw 7th March 2016 Result.

WWE Monday Night Raw 7th March 2016 Winner

WWE wrestlers are going through injuries and that is the major problem the authority is going with. One more wrestler has suffered injury and he is Sheamus and we might not see him in action at Mania 2016. Roman Reigns is also scheduled not to be appeared at any live events weather it is Raw or Smack down. Roman suffered injury during the match with Sheamus and after the match was over Triple H came and give the orders to League Of Nations to hit Roman. After Roman was unconscious then he was attacked by Triple H and he delivered a pedigree to him on steel chairs and after that attack Roman nose was busted wide open and he had to go under medical treatment. So all of you do have a detailed look on WWE Raw 7th March 2016 Result. We will also be telling about Kevin Owens in the next article. This week Raw will be a block buster because everyone is excited to see Shane O McMahon replying to the words of Undertaker.

WWE Raw 2016

WWE Monday Night Raw 7th March 2016 Result

Undertaker and Shane O McMahon have been added to Mania go home Raw that means that they will be seen on Raw which comes before Wrestle Mania and they will be shown facing each other and build up a match for Hell in a Cell. This thing will be taking place on 28th March 2016. This thing was necessary to do because Taker and Shane have appeared separately on WWE Raw 7th March 2016 Winner, Result. Bringing them face to face will be build up a good match at Hell in a Cell and they will be beating Hell out of each other. So it is important for me to keep on updating you all so that you can be updated. Bye friends and keep on sharing my articles on social networking websites.

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WWE Raw 7th March 2016 Result

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WWE Raw 7th March 2016 Winner

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