WWE Monday Night Raw 3rd May 2016 Results, Matches

WWE Monday Night Raw 3rd May 2016 Results, Matches:- Finally Payback has come to an end and road to Extreme Rules will start from Raw tonight when we will be seeing some old rivalry continuing till the next paper view or totally some new match ups, new fights, new stipulations and many more interesting things. One more thing we will be seeing today and it would be who will be running Monday Night Raw, weather it is the son of Vince or the daughter of Vince that will be shown today. So do not forgot to watch WWE Raw 3rd May 2016 Results as some awesome fights are set to take place that will be changing the future of World Wrestling Entertainment.

WWE Raw 3rd May 2016 Results, Images, Wallpapers, Fallouts

The Raw will be opened by the new general manager and he is Vince McMahon because at Payback it is confirmed that he is running the show for some period of time and his daughter and son in law will handle some other businesses. Coming on to the main event of Payback and this was a great match as we all saw Roman Reigns retaining the title with some help from Bullet club as they turned on AJ Styles which lead to Roman winning by some distraction. We will be saying later tonight AJ Styles addressing the audience about the match at Payback and he might go on a match with any single member of Bullet Club. So a totally new rivalry will begin soon at WWE Raw 3rd May 2016 Results. Secondly we will see another wrestler from NXT making his mark at Raw and he is Finn Balor and he will be joining the team of Bullet Club. Thirdly we will be seeing a continuation of rivalry between the rock star Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose and they both will make another match up at Extreme Rules in a proper hardcore extreme rules Match.

WWE Raw 3rd May 2016 Results, Spoilers, Winners, Matches

Some new feuds will be seen and the main focus will be how new general manager functions weather he improves the rating of Raw or keeps on just running old things because there has been a lot of downfall in the popularity of show from past many years and also there has been a major fall in ratings. So a lot depends on the story lines, match ups at WWE Raw 3rd May 2016 Results. The main event once again will feature a tag team match where Jericho will team up with Kevin Owens to take on Jericho and Sami. Roman Reigns will also be in action with any Sheamus or Rusev. AJ Styles will be also be in some fight and don’t forgot to watch Miz Tv as Miz will be telling about how he retained his title and he might go for a Re match for the United States Championship and he might lose that title. So do watch WWE Raw and write down your comments in the box below.

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