WWE Monday Night Raw 25th April 2016 Results

WWE Monday Night Raw 25th April 2016 Results:- Hello Friends and welcome once again to a new edition of Monday night Raw. Tonight is the final night before Payback as on May 1 we will be witnessing a paper view and that is Payback where every championship will be on line except US title and some new rivalries will also be building on Payback. Today’s Raw is very important because we might see the return of authority and Shane O McMahon leaving the business. There are many burning questions about tonight’s Raw and all of them will be discussed in detail by me below. So do read my article on WWE Raw 25th April 2016 Results.

WWE Raw 25th April 2016 Results, Spoilers, Winners

The first important things would be weather we would be seeing the return of authority or once again Shane O McMahon will host the show. If authority returns then what will be the future of  Shane O McMahon weather he will be in charge of Smack Down or we can see Team Authority vs Team Shane O McMahon and the winner gets the control. This match can be made and definitely it will be a nice match where both Triple H and Shane can be seen as fighting. How will bullet club turn into weather they will be making their debut at Raw or they will be attacking Roman Reigns once again at Payback in the match with AJ Styles or they will be going on to fight against USOs at Payback and mark their entrance in WWE. I have noticed that WWE is in a hurry as they are more focusing on making new stars, are they going on the right track that has to be seen at WWE Raw 25th April 2016 Results and at Payback.

WWE Monday Night Raw 25th April 2016 Results

There will be no new matches tonight on Raw as we will be seeing a re match which will be between Team of Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens taking on Sami Zyan and Dean Ambrose. The match will be won by Sami and Dean so as to give them some momentum going to Payback to defeat their opponents in singles match. Miz will be seen in action once again and he will be attacked by Cesaro who is his opponent at Payback for the inter continental title. All these things will be taking place at WWE Raw 25th April 2016 Results. One thing is confirmed that Bullet club will be making their debut tomorrow in a tag team match. So guys do watch Raw tonight and for latest WWE videos just go to WWE network and watch it.

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WWE  Raw 25th April 2016 Results

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