WWE Fastlane 21st February 2016 Matches, Results

WWE Fastlane 21st February 2016 Matches, Results Hello everyone and welcome once set for all to my articles on the upcoming and most awaited paper view of February and that is WWE Fastlane which takes place every month. But this time fastlane will be bigger and huge because we will be seeing some different matches taking place and first time we will be witnessing the beast in action at Fastlane and that will be the best thing ever noticed. So do have a look on all these things and especially on my article which is on WWE Fastlane 21st February 2016 Matches, Results.

WWE Fastlane 2016 Matches, Results, Spoilers

As I have already discussed about the matches that will be taking place at Fastlane. Today I will be telling you about the predictions of these matches that who will be winning and losing. I hope you all have enjoyed watching today’s Raw as we saw a new intercontinental champion and he is Kevin Owens. He recently became the champion and shocked the world in a fatal five way match against Stardust, Tyler breeze, Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose. Now at WWE Fastlane 21st February 2016 Result we will be seeing Kevin Owens going for a match against the show off and the predictions are that he will be loosing and Kevin Owens will be retaining his championship and will also be getting a push in his carrier.


Coming on to second match for the United States Title. A lot of buzz is going on about this match that will be taking place at WWE Fastlane 2016 Matches, Results. But predictions are that once again Kalisto will be retaining his title. If Alberto wins the title he will be winning with the help of his team partners Rusev and Sheamus. Let us see what happens. Third match we will be seeing Wyatt Family in action against Big Show, Kane and Feed me more super star Ryback. Once again Wyatt Family will be winning because of the numbers game advantage. The last and final match, the main event will be a triple threat match for number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and it will be against Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Brock. The predictions are that Dean Ambrose will be winning because he was the last one at Royal Rumble who fought triple H and beat the hell out of him.


WWE Fastlane 2016 Matches, Results, Predictions, Winners

All you I hope have loved and enjoyed my article on WWE Fastlane 21st February 2016 Results. Till then stay fit and healthy, enjoy life, stay calm and cool. Respect your parents and don’t be a bully be a star, show love and respect to everyone.

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