WWE Extreme Rules 22nd May 2016 Results, Spoilers, Matches

WWE Extreme Rules 22nd May 2016 Results, Spoilers, Matches:- Finally the countdown has begun as only 5 days are left when we will be witnessing the second paper view after Wrestle Mania 32 and this event has been the most talked about event in WWE as it consists of some epic matches, hard core matches and also some title matches which might change hands this time. The name of this epic event is Extreme Rules and in this event anything and everything is legal. The contest is most likely a No Holds Barred where anything goes and only way to win is either by pin fall or submission. So do have a look on my article on WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results.

WWE Extreme Rules 22nd May 2016 Results

Some new matches and stipulation have been added to the match card at Extreme Rules. One of them will be between Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho in a first ever asylum match. Asylum match is like a steel cage match but with some difference. In this match weapons are tied on the top of the cage and there is no escaping either from the top or from the cage door. One the wrestlers are looked in this asylum they will win only by pin fall or submission. The stakes are high on this match and it is predicted that Dean Ambrose will be winning this match because it is the last match of Chris Jericho and after this match he will quit WWE for some time. So there is no point making him win and he is already an established super star plus a big legend. On other hand Dean Ambrose is an emerging wrestler and at WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results he will be winning and this win will be boosting his carrier a lot and then he can go for title matches.

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results, Spoilers, Matches

The next match which is booked is a no disqualification match and it will be between Show Off (Dolph Ziggler) taking on the winner of Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner Baron Cobrin. The last time they went one on one was at Payback and the match was won by Ziggler easily and at Extreme Rules these two will be going one on one and beating hell out of each other as tonight everything and anything will be legal at WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results, Winners. So do not forget to watch this paper view as it will be having a first ever Asylum match and many more amazing things.

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WWE Extreme Rules 22nd May 2016 Results

WWE Extreme Rules 22nd May 2016 Spoilers

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results

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