Wrestlemania 32 Rumours, Matches, Predictions, Spoilers

Wrestlemania 32 Rumours, Matches, Predictions, Spoilers Finally 10 days are left when we will be witnessing Wrestlemania. It is an important event in the life of a wrestler because this event decide the future of a wrestler. Many wrestlers carrier has been made and destroyed at this event, many records has been set and many championships have also been defended. The streak of legendary Undertaker was broken at Mania 32 by the legendary Brock Lesnar. So many things can happen at Mania and all of them will be discussed at WWE Wrestlemania 32 Results, Winners. Do watch and read my article daily.

WWE Wrestlemania 32 Results, Spoilers, Matches

About 10 matches have been booked for the grand event and most of the matches have stipulation and all the stipulations are amazing and will be fun to watch. Coming to the first match it would be a tag team match which will feature Dudley Boys taking on USOs and the predicted winner are Dudley Boys. Second match would be for the United States Championship match and it will feature Kalisto taking on the power house Ryback and the title might change hand because it has been around 3-4 months Kalisto has been champion and at Wrestlemania 32 Results it will be nice to see a new champion being crowned and then emerge as victorious. One more match has been added on the card and it is a 7 man ladder match for the inter continental championship match. The 7 wrestlers who will be participating are Kevin Owens (current champion), Sami Zyan, Dolph Ziggler, Miz and three more wrestlers. The predictions are that Kevin Owens will some how retain his title and wrestlemania 32 will be titled as KO Mania.

Wrestlemania 32 Matches, Winners, Spoilers

Rock will also be coming on Mania 32. This time he will be returning to make his name in WWE and to wrestle in a match and he will fight in Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal 3 and might win this battle royal. The first winner of the battle royal was Antonio Cesaro. The second winner was Big Show and the third winner predicted is Rock because the past two winners are no where to be seen in WWE and this time if Rock wins he will be a good for business and then fight at Wrestle Mania  33 against a big wrestler. Coming to the main event at WWE Wrestlemania 32 Rumours, Predictions and it would be for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship between Roman Reigns and Triple H ( current champion) the prediction is that Triple H will be retaining the title and then going further as a champion. So friends my article has come to end now and keep on sharing it on social networking websites.

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WWE Wrestlemania 32 Rumours, Matches, Predictions

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Wrestlemania 32 Results, Matches, Winners

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