Wrestlemania 32 Preview, Match Card, Predictions, Spoilers

Wrestlemania 32 Preview, Match Card, Predictions, Spoilers:- Finally this sunday we will be witnessing the biggest paper view of the sports entertainment and that is Wrestlemania 32. This paper view is expected to break the record of Mania 3 and will be taking place in Chicago. Total of 10 matches have been booked and all of them will be grand one, fun to watch. It is a paper view where every title is defended weather it is WWE Championship, Intercontinental Championship or US Title. I have already given you match by match predictions but some of the predictions are still left. So do read the article on Wrestlemania 32 Results. We all will be missing Randy Orton and John Cena as these two are legends of WWE and it is tough to watch Wrestlemania without them.

WWE Wrestlemania 32 Results, Winners, Matches

Battle of Supermacy: The New Day vs. The League Of Nations

It will be a 4 on 3 tag team match and these two have been fighting a lot and first time New Day will not be seeing have a number game advantage. If New Day it wont be much fun as they have already defeated all the four members of League Of Nations in separate matches. We might also see New Day even up the odds as they will be going on 4 vs 4 match. But at the end New Day will emerge as victorious.

Winner:- New Day

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match: Kevin Owens (C) vs.Sin Cara vs. Sami Zayn vs. Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz

Kevin Owens is the current champion and it is excepted that he will be retaining his title at Mania 32 as this will his first Mania and making him win will be good for the business. He is the one in roster who is a heel and beats down everybody. I dont know why WWE has inducted Zack Ryder in this match as he didn’t deserve this position. Neville could have replaced him. Sami Zyan has a little chance of winning. Let’s see who wins the match and emerge as victorious. My vote is on Kevin Owens

Winner:- Kevin Owens

AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho

This will be the fourth match of their rivalry out of which AJ has won two matches and Jericho has won one match and It will be seeing that AJ Styles making it as 3-1. AJ Styles made his debut at Royal Rumble and till then he has been in rivalry with Y2J and it is a bigger match of his carrier and he will debut at Mania. Also Y2J does not need any victory as he is already a bigger face of WWE. My vote on AJ

Winner:- AJ Styles

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks For Divas Championship

It has been a long time we have seen Charlotte as Divas Championship and it is because of Ric Flair that she has become the champion. These two divas will be turning on Ric Flair first by beating hell out of him and this time we will be seeing a new champion being emerged and she will be Becky Lynch.

Winner:- Becky Lynch

United States Championship  Kalisto vs Ryback

I don’t know why WWE has kept Ryback in this match because he has been out of WWE for a long time. He has now become a useless wrestler because he hasn’t win a title from past 6 months and once again authority will be making him a big loser and Kalisto will be retaining his title once again.

Winner:- Kalisto

Shane McMahon vs. Undertaker Hell in a Cell Match

This is the most awaited match of the season. In this match both the wrestlers have carrier on the line. Shane is fighting for his legacy and to get the control of Raw and Taker is fighting for his carrier as if he loses he will be never seen again. It is predicted that Taker will be winning because WWE cannot finish the carrier of a great legend like this. He will be fighting with Cena next year and will then retire.

Winner:- Undertaker

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

There will be 20 superstars competing in this match and it is tough  to predict who will be winning this time. Last year winner Big Show is nowhere to be seen and their carrier has almost been finish. We might see Rock in this battle Royal and he might win that. So by vote is for the Rock

Winner:-  Rock

No Holds Barred Street Fight  Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose

These two have been fighting from past 2 months and this match will be a end to their rivalry as these two have been battling out a lot. There are a lot of questions in this match weather we will seeing Wyatt Family attacking Brock Lesnar which will help Dean Ambrose to win. Brock has already a lot of name and fame after defeating Undertaker and breaking his streak and if he loses to Dean it will not effect his carrier and it will be a big push for carrier of Dean Ambrose. So ,my vote is for Dean

Winner:- Dean Ambrose

Roman Reigns vs Triple H For the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

This will be the main event of Mania as we will be seeing these two colliding finally after a long time. Triple H won the belt at Rumble and after that he injured Roman and we was not able to compete. We might see Roman winning the title by the help of Rock who is predicted to interfere or we might see Stone Cold Steve Austin or Shawn Micheals as the guest referee at last minute.

Winner:- Triple H 

I hope all of you have enjoyed my article on WWE Wrestlemania 32 Results, Spoilers, Matches. Till then stay fit and healthy and keep on sharing my articles on social networking websites.


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