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How to write blogs in Word Press| Word Press Blog Post Hi Friends and welcome back once again to my article on the same topic about which we have discussed in morning and the topic today is how to write a blog post in Word Press. Now a days many people are entering into the blogging field and the main problem they face is of writing the articles and from now I will be teaching all of you that How to write a blog post in Word Press. All of you do have a look below and understand my article.

How to write blogs, Insert Pictures, Media in Word Press

The first thing you all have to do is purchase a domain and the domain should be a good one and it must match to your articles that you all will be posting. Second thing you all will be doing is that you all will have to install Word Press in that and after that a username and password will be generated for all of you. After all these things are done then enter the username and password and after that a dash board will come with a lot of things on it. From now the whole story will start and my article which is on How to write a blog post in Word Press. The first step you will do is go to post option and from their click add new post. After that a page will come and a title option. There you write the title of your choice but keep in mind that the first letter of every word must be in capital letters so as to have a good traffic and a higher rank. Frame a article in a nice way and try to add as much as unique content as possible so that a good website reputation is created and the article should be of around 500 words. After that go to category option on the right and create a category in which you will be adding your post to and then go to featured image option where you have to upload a picture which is similar to your content. After all these things you article is almost ready and a few things is left. Then go to Tags option there put some small keywords which you want to add with your post. This the final step and if you want to check your post then go to preview option on the topic and my article which is on How to write blogs in Word Press will be easily understand able to all of you.

How to write blogs in Word Press| Add Categories, Media in Word Press

I hope all of you are able to understand my article on How to write blogs in Word Press. Till then all of you stay fit and healthy, enjoy life and do take care of ourselves and your families. Bye friends, enjoy life, stay calm and foolish.

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