How To Write a Blog Post In Word Press |Writing Blogs

How To Write a Blog Post In Word Press |Writing Blogs Hi Friends and today I am going to tell about how to write a post on word press. Writing a blog on word press is easy and not an expensive task. More and more people are now a days writing blogs and are earning thru that. So today it will be an exciting article for you all on the topic How To Write a Blog Post In Word Press |Writing Blogs. Do have a look on the article below.

How To Write a Blog Post In Word Press

The first step that we all have to keep in mind before writing a blog is that it should be set up correctly, have the passion for the topic like if you are planning to write blogs on any sporting event then have a complete and a detailed knowledge of that particular topic because the users will be relating it with you. Third thing should be kept in mind is to learn from others because a lot many things happen when you start writing a blog. So it is good to learn from others. Hope you are enjoying my article on How To Write a Post In Word Press. After you have taken a website and installed Word Press in that then comes the major steps. Firstly enter the username and password and then on the left side click on the Add New Option and then a screen will open where it will be written enter the title and text. Write a title which is catchy to the audience and the text written should be unique and must be a 500 word post. Secondly enter the category where you want the post should go. Thirdly enter the tags and the tags should be related to the title heading which you have given the post. So do have a look on How To Write a Blogs. The last thing is to enter the image which best suits the the post. All these things are mandatory and must be kept in mind before writing a blog. There is a way to earn through blogs that I will be discussing in the next article.


How To Add a New Post In Word Press

Hope you all have enjoyed my article on How To Write a Blog Post In Word Press. Till then keep on waiting for my upcoming articles on these topics. Stay fit and healthy. Enjoy life and do take care of ourselves and your families.

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