Happy Valentines Day 2016 Wishes, Greetings, SMS, Messages

Happy Valentines Day 2016 Wishes, Greetings, SMS, Messages Good Afternoon Friends and welcome once set for all to my to my new article on the upcoming week and that week is the valentine week which starts from the month of February and goes on till the end of that month. All the days are famous but the most famous of all of them is the Happy Valentines Day 2016 Wishes because in this festival you have to do wish your loved ones, your girl friends, boy friends by sending them a message or a SMS. So do have a look on my detailed article on this particular topic.

Valentine Week 2016 Date Sheet, Calendar, List With Dates & Day

7 Feb Rose Day
8 Feb Propose Day
9 Feb Chocolate Day
10 Feb Teddy Day
11 Feb Promise Day
12 Feb Hug Day
13 Feb Kiss Day
15 Feb Slap Day
16 Feb Kick Day
17 Feb Perfume Day
18 Feb Flirting Day
19 Feb Confession Day
20 Feb Missing Day
21 Feb Break Up

Happy Valentines Day 2016 Wishes, Greetings For Boy Friend

I wish God gives me birth hundred times only to be your lover forever.

I wish to die before you, so that I can write your name on each star. Let the world see you mean the world to me.
I would have been incomplete without your love; it’s you who makes me whole.

I’m happy to be your Valentine, but not as happy as I am to have you as my Girlfriend every day.

If I had to choose whether to breathe or to love you, I would use my last breath to tell you that… I love you.

If I have life, it should be with you, if I have to die, I should die before you!

If I tried to write all the things that I like about you in this card, I’d run out of room. Here are a few of my favorite things

I hope some of you are enjoying my article on this particular topic which is on Happy Valentine Day 2016 Wishes. It is imp to celebrate the season of love and romance with your soul mate so for that you have to do one thing and that is to click on the links given above.

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Happy Valentines Day 14th February 2016 Wishes, Greetings, Messages, SMS

If staying in your heart is a prison, I would accept to be sentenced for life.

If you ask me how much I love you, count the stars! It is as countless and endless like them!

If you ask me when shall I stop loving you, ask my heart when will it stop beating?

I’m glad you have me as your boyfriend, because now I know you’ll be loved the way you should be for Valentine’s Day.

It is love when we think about each other every single moment despite being miles apart. We resides in each other’s heart.

It’s a long day but I know I will be fine with your touching care, Be there when I come back because I feel so lost when you are not around.

Last night I matched every star with a reason for loving you. I ran out of stars because my love is countless.

Let these words touch your eyes, let these feelings touch your soul; let this love touch your heart.

Life without your love is like a tree without any fruit

I hope all of you have loved my article on Happy Valentine Day 2016 Wishes. Till then all of you keep on loving your loved ones. Respect them a lot. Stay fit and healthy, enjoy life and do take care of ourselves and your families.

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