Happy Lohri 2016 Songs, Slogans, Wishes, Messages In Hindi

Happy Lohri 2016 Songs, Slogans, Wishes, Messages In Hindi Hi Friends and hello everybody. Today I am back so late in order to publish an article on the most awaited topic of the season and that is Happy Lohri 2016 Wishes, Poems, Slogans and many more items. There are a lot of things that want on this festival but are not able to get it due to lack of information. But on my website you will be getting all sorts of detailed information and that too in a proper prescribed way. So just keep on looking them and if you face any problem on my website then do write me in the comment box given below.

Happy Lohri 2016 Songs, Slogans, Wishes, Messages In Punjabi

The bonfire give you warmth and joys of life;
Rewri and Gachak sweetens you relationships;
Moongphalli and Til add crispness to your actions;
And the Kite of your success soar into the sky! Happy Lohri!

Happy Lohri 2016 Famous Gidda Bhangra Songs 2

De Mayee Lohri Jive Teri Jodi;
Khol Mayee Kunda Jive Tera Munda;
On this festive occasion of Lohri, May God bless you with lifelong companionship and may it open doors of happiness for your offsprings!
A very Happy Lohri!

As the Sun starts northward journey, may it soar your spirits to the top of the world!
I wish you and your family a very Happy Lohri!

I hope you all are enjoying my article on Happy Lohri 2016 Wishes, Messages. All you have to do is just sit back and relax and read all the articles which I will be updating daily on different topics.

Happy Lohri 13th January 2016 Songs, Slogans, Wishes, Messages, SMS, Greetings

On this Lohri:
May your worries get crushed like sugarcane;
You toughen like the cane juice becomes jaggery;
Your life becomes flavourful like reoris in sesame;
And the problems in your life get burnt in bonfire!
Happy Lohri!

Happy Lohri 2016 Famous Gidda Bhangra Songs 3

I like this Kite festival of

L: Longing for warmth in
O: Old-fashioned way by enjoying the
H: Heat of bonfire; and eating
R: Reoris and peanuts in
I: Icy Winds

as it provides an opportunity to share the warmth and joys of love with special people!
Happy Lohri!

I know all of you are eagerly waiting for this festival to come. Till then all of you have to do is wait for this festival and read my articles on this topic and also you can do one thing and that is to just save Happy Lohri 2016 Wishes, Greetings so that it is easy for you all to wish your loved ones afterwards.

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